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Heavy Duty Truck Parts

Webtruckparts.com is an Internet based heavy duty truck parts supplier servicing dealers, fleets and the export market in the heavy duty truck market. We strive to supply quality and affordable aftermarket replacement engine parts for Cummins , Detroit Diesel , Caterpillar , Mack and Navistar steering gears and drive train parts.

Water Truck Parts

We also carry specialized lines such as water truck parts, spray valves, spray heads, water cannons, pumps and equipment.

The new RoadRunner water monitor (water cannon), with it's optional remote control nozzle and wireless radio remote control, makes a perfect addition to any water truck or fire tender.

With over 15 years in the heavy duty parts business, buy online with confidence that you are receiving the highest quality heavy duty truck parts at the most reasonable prices available.  For a specialized truck parts request, email us.


roadrunner water cannon and water truck parts

Roadrunner Water Cannon

We are committed to providing the highest quality parts at the most reasonable cost in the heavy duty truck parts marketplace. Our prices on our diesel engine parts for Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit, Ford, Mack and Navistar typically save 50% or more over comparable OEM pricing while providing parts that give you long life and dependable service.

Our aluminum flywheel housings, oil pans and gear covers are cast using virgin aluminum instead of weaker and cheaper recycled material found in many of our competitors products.

Our heavy duty flywheels are machined to exacting specifications to assure trouble free installation and long life.

Our accessory drives, water pumps and water pump idlers are new, not remanufactured or rebuilt; no used parts are used in their assembly.

Our after cooler elements, oil cooler elements, and exhaust manifolds are made from high quality material and built to last.

You will find that our water truck valves, water cannons, water truck monitors and spray heads are the forefront of technology and design in the water truck market. They have been engineered to provide maximum performance, deliver a long trouble free life and have superior qualities and performance over lesser quality, cheaper models in the water truck marketplace.
mack water pump

Water Pumps


Aftermarket Flywheels for Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar and other Heavy Duty Truck Parts



Aftermarket Flywheel Housings for Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar and other Heavy duty Truck Parts

Flywheel Housings


Combo Spray Head/Valve and Water Truck Parts

FlowMaxx Spray Head


Inline Water Valve

Inline Water Valves




3406b oil pan

Oil Pans


cummins front gear cover

Gear Covers



cummins oil cooler element




cummins accessory drive

Accessory Drives


cummins camshaft gear

Engine Gears

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