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The RoadRunner Model 5000 Water Cannon


RoadRunner Model 5000 Water Cannon from WebTruckParts.com, Your Water Truck Parts Source


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  • Joy stick cab control box (pictured below) and 20 foot wiring harness included

  • Unique low profile; compact design makes this water cannon a perfect addition to any water truck or fire tender - only 12 inches tall as pictured

  • 12VDC, 24VDC Or 110VAC

  • 360 Plus horizontal rotation

  • 60 vertical travel

  • Two speed horizontal and vertical movement

  • 300 GPM with a maximum distance of 150 feet depending on pump speed and other factors - water cannon nozzle included

  • 100 watt aircraft spot light included

  • 2 1/2 Inch grooved waterway inlet for maximum water flow

  • Unique belt drive system is virtually maintenance free

  • Water cannon can be top of tank or bumper mounted

  • Turret style operation allows stops to be set st 20 intervals

  • Sealed gear box and motor

  • Durable ABS cover

  • Water cannon is easy to install & operate

  • Has been in development for four years and has had extensive field testing

  • Optional 3" Inline Valve (needed to control water flow to cannon) also available

Download Videos of the RoadRunner Water Cannon

Video #1 7.6 megabytes RoadRunner Water Cannon in Action
Video #2 2.6 megabytes RoadRunner Water Cannon (scaled down version for slower connections)
Video #3 1.3 megabytes RoadRunner Water Cannon Remote Control                                                   Inquire about the optional Remote Control Nozzle and Wireless Radio Remote Control
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  1. The Model 5000 has two speeds for both vertical and horizontal travel; a feature not available from even the largest manufacturers anywhere in the world.
  2. The 390 plus feature is patent pending, exclusive to the Model 5000.
  3. Turret style operation stops at 20 intervals - a feature not available from other companies
  4. Comes complete with our industrial joy stick control box - no need to spend additional money to upgrade.
  5. Comes standard with an attached 100 watt aircraft spotlight that fully articulates with the cannon.
  6. We provide an industry first - a Wireless Radio Remote Controlled Cannon (Model 5000-101).

This is the premium water cannon on the market today

Buy with confidence knowing you'll receive the best product and support the market offers


RoadRunner Model 5000 Water Cannon                            Cab Mounted Remote Control


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